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The Transformative Impact of Technologies in the Workplace →

It used to be that innovation went top-down, from the public sector —whether military or universities— to industries and corporations to finally reach the consumer.
The trend is now reversing. Your personal smartphone is more powerful than the one provided by your company. And there are chances that the laptop you possess is also more powerful than the one sitting on your work desk.


The iPhone and Facebook —to only quote the two most obvious choices— did shape your behavior. The foundation of your current software use skillset was impacted by that glass screen and the apps you play with. Your Facebook time did shape your vision of online interactions (e.g. the etiquette, the behaviors), but also the social experience through a screen (e.g. the UX/UI).

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Lessons in Innovation, from Humans to Virtuality →

I arbitrarily chose five lessons that we could derive from Steve Jobs’ legacy. Connect the dots. Never fear failure. Marry art & science. Possess a sense of vision. Create the future.

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Facebook Page Timeline for Brands →

Facebook introduced Timeline for its users. Although I make the case that brands should focus on applications interacting with users’ activity streams, I undertake the exercise of imagining the Timeline experience for Facebook Pages.

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The Consumer Inertia →

Human forces like aversion to change and status biases are surfacing as Netflix divides its physical and digital operations. An exercice in applying basic consumer behavior theories to understand the future of digital content.

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Steve Jobs Lessons →

The most enduring innovations marry art and science

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Mobile Broadband Traffic To Increase By 2600% In 5 Years →

mobile broadband traffic volumes will see a 2600% increase in the next five years

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We All Know How To Play The Social Game →

the social game is really a complex game that we all know how to play 

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Facebook Friend Risk →

One cannot hide from another Friend list. It’s a decision that isn’t taken by third parties. For instance, having a public profile myself, everyone can see who is linked with me on Facebook. I’m okay with it, but I don’t know about every single one of my connections.

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Arrington: One Man’s Terrorist, Another’s Freedom Fighter →


In 2011, journalists just seem to try to save themselves. Those who want to change the world go to the Silicon Valley.

Welcome to the battle for a new journalism.

Its freedom fighter is called Mike Arrington.

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